Do you have the gnawing feeling the world could be much larger and more exciting for you? Although you're a capacity in your department, have mastered complex projects and know what it means to work in agile teams, your career and life somehow got boring. You want to contribute your whole expertise to something groundbreaking new, with the possibility of direct participation within development.

You can. With the Venture Portal:

  • Enlist yourself as an expert in our pool of experts; directly apply for ideas that you find interesting
  • Be a member of a highly-agile development team for a limited time, with the option to continue to work for the Startup after its launch
  • Fair compensation and participation options

Your task: Developing the future.

The Venture Portal selects new and fascinating ideas from the pool of ideas of inventors. You will realize them within a team of professional experts. And there is no development for a fixed specification, so you can be part of the technical architecture design team, which refines, tests and builds something new from the ground up. That’s the reason why you will receive benefits or participation options after a successful market entry (e.g., via crowdfunding): It becomes YOUR product as well.

Entry: Harmless.

Enlist yourself non-binding in the pool of experts. The application process is similar to job portals and does not oblige you in any way. You decide per offering, if you like to take it or not. That's how easy it is.

Try it out: The VP Sabbatical program.

In preparation is a new employer program, that will give companies the opportunity to recharge some motivation and creativity energy of their employees.

Your company gives you unpaid special leave for the period of prototyping, you will receive a payment for your work in a Venture Portal project. After that you can continue to be employed normally in your company.

Your steps in the VP process.


Idea Input


Idea selection


Preparation and
publication of ideas


Applications to the idea, ​​
pre-seed financing


Experts offer their work performance; investors buy pre-seed shares per idea. When an idea gets sufficient funding for prototyping, a professional team from the available experts is assembled.




Depending on the idea / theme of the invention, a prototype is developed with the assembled team of experts and with the help of an experienced Prototyping Task Force Team. High-tech DIY workshops, startup office spaces and other partners are involved.

Your first step is always your voluntary listing in the expert pool.

Look, what great ideas are offered! Recommend yourself for certain ideas you like best.

If you were chosen to work within an prototyping team, you will develop the new product/service right from the beginning. And you can decisively form the product through your expert knowledge.


Market Test


The prototype (and/or service concept) is offered via crowdfunding platforms. If the campaign is successful and has achieved over 100% target financing, preparations are made to establish a startup.


In case of success:
 Establishment of startup


With the positive market result, a startup company (e.g. a limited liability company) is founded. The pre-seed shares of investors are converted into real investments. The core team of experts receives smaller investments.

Enjoy the tense time of the product launch, make some last-minute tweaking – see the product come to life and get accepted by real customers.

Like to be involved in a startup that has successfully passed the market test and, moreover, has a great team? Become a partner and participate in the company's future.

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