The Venture Portal

Simplifying the World for Inventors, Experts, Investors


Participate in early pre-seed or seed financing of top ideas and teams. Enjoy higher investment security and a better ROI due to streamlined processes and casted experts.

+ Get more for your money


Identify highly interesting startup jobs. Find new career perspectives through our Idea Developer Sabbatical Program.

And have a chance to benefit from shares and other monetary perks.

+ List yourself in


Securely offer your ideas and inventions without the need to provide a development team.

Your chance of getting some of those inventions realized that were kept hidden otherwise!

+ Make your Idea count

The reason.

8 out of 10 startups fail – e.g. inventors can’t find professional startup teams, development is a series of chaotic workarounds, investments don’t fit the startup needs and block management time.

The Venture Portal is changing the game by making it vastly easier and more transparent for inventors, experts and investors to offer their core competencies. Great ideas are selected, financed and staffed with the best fitting teams. Professional prototyping enables smooth and efficient market entries. Less startup pain, more success - for everybody involved!

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The steps to success.


Idea Input


Inventors upload their ideas and inventions via a secure process. Up to the selection of the idea by the board and the approval by the inventor, the ideas are not published on the portal.


Idea selection


The Venture Portal Board, a panel of investors, innovation consultants and founders, inspects, assesses and selects ideas on criteria such as concept depth, general merchantability and novelty.


Preparation and
publication of ideas


Selected inventions / ideas are legally protected, prepared in consultation with the inventor in text and image, and placed on the portal.


Applications to the idea, ​​
pre-seed financing


Experts offer their work performance; investors buy pre-seed shares per idea. When an idea gets sufficient funding for prototyping, a professional team from the available experts is assembled.




Depending on the idea / theme of the invention, a prototype is developed with the assembled team of experts and with the help of an experienced Prototyping Task Force Team. High-tech DIY workshops, startup office spaces and other partners are involved.


Market Test


The prototype (and/or service concept) is offered via crowdfunding platforms. If the campaign is successful and has achieved over 100% target financing, preparations are made to establish a startup.


In case of success:
 Establishment of startup


With the positive market result, a startup company (e.g. a limited liability company) is founded. The pre-seed shares of investors are converted into real investments. The core team of experts gets smaller investments.


Optional: Venture Capital Investment Round


After the delivery of the first products (or services) and the expansion of the workforce a larger VC financing round is possible.

Strong partnerships.

The first partnerships in crowdfunding, social & business networks, job portals, investor groups, high-tech DIY workshops, startup office rentals, public organizations and the media are currently made.

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“It was about time, the venture scene itself got disrupted – with the Venture Portal, my portfolio investors will be happier than ever. Because this concept really works.“

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