With Venture Portal you finally get the chance to rescue all of your drawer-buried ideas and inventions with just a few clicks and have a chance to see them realized by professional teams.

No other service in the world offers something like this!

Your advantages:

  • Simple, fast and safe provision of your ideas and inventions
  • No stress on your side - we take over the compilation of the development team for you!
  • Transparent rules concerning compensation and participation options (currently in preparation)

Made by an inventor for inventors.

The Venture Portal was created by serial entrepreneur and inventor Frank Thomsen. He knows what it takes for a project like this: process transparency, fair participation options and mutual trust, in particular regarding the protection of the idea. To achieve this, we are working hard to develop the best possible solutions:

  • Cooperation with leading encryption solution provider
  • Country / region-based backend system for storing your intellectual property data
  • Binding NDA's (Non-disclosure agreements), for all parties involved
  • Cooperation with international law firms and patent lawyers, specialized in innovation and technology
  • Cooperation with patent and trademark offices for fast registration / linking your invention

Your steps in the VP Process.


Idea Input


Inventors upload their ideas and inventions via a secure process. Up to the selection of the idea by the board and the approval by the inventor, the ideas are not published on the portal.


Idea selection


The Venture Portal Board, a panel of investors, innovation consultants and founders, inspects, assesses and selects ideas on criteria such as concept depth, general merchantability and novelty.

The first step is already the most important one for you! Register for free and fill out an idea input application form. Upload some additional documentation about your invention. Or link your application with existing inventions of yours.

Now it gets exciting! Were you able to convince the Venture  Portal Board with your idea / invention?


Preparation and
publication of ideas


Selected inventions / ideas are legally protected, prepared in consultation with the inventor in text and image, and placed on the portal.


Applications to the idea, ​​
pre-seed financing


Experts offer their work performance; investors buy pre-seed shares per idea. When an idea gets sufficient funding for prototyping, a professional team from the available experts is assembled.

Have influence on the editing of the idea presentation. So that it is still YOUR idea.

If you like, you can additionally register and apply as an expert (within certain departments, fields of sciences).




Market Test


Establishment of startup


Venture Capital Investment Round

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In just a few months’ time you can offer your ideas or inventions within a very safe process.

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