Get finally more transparency and flexibility in your investments. Secure shares in new, fascinating ideas before a project team becomes a real startup. With the best selected experts available.

That’s why the Venture Portal creates completely new perspectives in the investment market.

Entry: Without hurdles.

No complicated investment fund regulations, no unnerving due diligence processes. Invest in the easiest and most secure way, get pre-seed shares before the startup is founded. Or invest in a already market-tested, with an experienced team staffed post-seed company.

  • Buy a limited number of pre-seed fund units (shares) from the ideas, that were selected by the Venture Portal board
  • These shares are later converted into real startup investments, when the prototype crowdfunding (or market test) phase was successful.

Your entry points in the VP process.


Idea Input


Idea selection


Preparation and
publication of ideas


Applications to the idea, ​​
pre-seed financing


Experts offer their work performance; investors buy pre-seed shares per idea. When an idea gets sufficient funding for prototyping, a professional team from the available experts is assembled.




Depending on the idea / theme of the invention, a prototype is developed with the assembled team of experts and with the help of an experienced Prototyping Task Force Team. High-tech DIY workshops, startup office spaces and other partners are involved.

Shortly after the publication of the idea, you can purchase a limited number of pre-seed fund units. That is, if you like the idea or the invention suits your portfolio.


Market Test


The prototype (and/or service concept) is offered via crowdfunding platforms. If the campaign is successful and has achieved over 100% target financing, preparations are made to establish a startup.


In case of success:
 Establishment of startup


With the positive market result, a startup company (e.g. a limited liability company) is founded. The pre-seed shares of investors are converted into real investments. The core team of experts receives smaller investments.

Your pre-seed shares are converted into real startup investments.

OR: Invest into the young startup directly after the successful market test, but then within a higher company valuation.

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