Win-win everywhere.


The simple, transparent way to bring inventors, experts and investors together, is providing entirely new win-win partnerships in various fields and industries.

Just a few examples of many:

  • Crowdfunding portals benefit through a higher stream of exciting new product and service offerings. High probability to profit from successful campaigns with over-financing (>100%) - not only because the product is right, but also the expert team behind it.
  • Job portals can create a new, very interesting service product with a new job category ("Idea Prototyper”). Advertising could be boosted, direct revenue by cooperating portals, job-seekers, employers (VP ​​sabbatical program), public sponsors.
  • High-tech DIY workshops and startup office rentals benefit from the continuous flow of new prototyping & startup teams, thus a higher utilization can be achieved, more revenue, a higher visibility in the market, which in turn increases the overall turnover.


An overview of the most important potential partnerships




Join now the ever growing Venture Portal partner base. It really is worth it! Talk to us today to learn more about the various partnership models.

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