Pre-Seed Investments simplified.

The Project

The Venture Portal makes it vastly easier for inventors, experts and investors to convert highly interesting ideas into projects and later into startups.

It creates new perspectives, for all parties involved:

  • The portal is made for people who have great, largely elaborated ideas and inventions in their drawers, but are not able to finance or staff them
  • It’s a job portal for those who want to contribute their expertise in exciting projects - and it's a chance for entrepreneurs who lack the brilliant idea
  • The portal is an opportunity for people who like to invest quickly, effectively and at an early stage in promising ideas


Venture Portal is one stage BEFORE crowdfunding platforms and two stages before venture capital investments:

  • It creates the basis for successful prototype financing
  • Makes it possible to secure participation options in a very early stage
  • This accelerates the innovation & investment market in a new dimension

The creators behind the project.

The idea and the concept of Venture Portal was developed by Frank Thomsen.  A small group of investors, privateers and successful entrepreneurs from the seed and venture capital scene is the team behind the initial construction of the portal.

Project status.

Currently, many cooperation talks are held. The first partnerships in crowdfunding, social / business networks, job portals, investor groups, high-tech DIY workshops, startup office rentals, public organizations and the media are being constructed.

The current state of the project:

Invest in this groundbraking project.

The Venture Portal project is not fully funded yet. That means: It’s still your chance to be part of something truly disruptive in the investment scene. With your investment into Venture Portal you’ll have the opportunity to be part of the Venture Portal Board, where you will get a front row seat to view, select and and staff cutting edge ideas. You will never get closer to the future than this!

Talk to us today about investment opportunities into the yet to establish Venture Portal AG.

Venture Portal